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Intelligeni® uses a SaaS based core and a behind your firewall Edge architecture. Edges runs on VMs behind your firewall and close to the elements to be managed. Telemetry is gathered at the Edge and actions on target elements are executed by Intelligeni Bots from the Edge. The Core has no access to your servers or applications.

Implementing Intelligeni® starts with spinning up an instance of the core. We then setup the Edges you need and register them with the core, tune your monitoring and integrate with Intelligeni Center or your ServiceNow environment.

01 Plan

Identify target services. Establish baselines by ticket analysis.

02 Topology Design

Design the service topologies. Establish discovery.

03 Integrate Telemetry

Integrate Data Sources, validate observability completion heatmap.

04 Validate Scenarios

Validate Intelligeni® generated scenarios

05 Auto Remediate

Deploy remedial actions and Bots Setup triggering rules.

06 Augmented Ops

Ops teams use Intelligeni® as their single interface

Most implementation takes 4 - 6 weeks.

We offer a 3 month POC period during which our experts work with
your ops team to establish the value of Intelligeni.