Getting Observability Right

Good observability allows you to diagnose a problem accurately, with minimal effort. However, quite often Observability is incomplete and diagnosis becomes a mad scramble for data. Then there is also the challenge of making sense of the large amount of telemetry produced across the stack. Intelligeni cuts through this complexity with its QoS models and augmented diagnostics…

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Left shifting incident response

Do you really need 8 of your best techies to spend an hour of their time diagnosing and remediating an incident. Perhaps the reason this happens can be traced to siloed monitoring and an absence of context. Intelligeni with its behavioral models, full-stack observability and ability to detect and respond to patterns that impact QoS reduces the burden of incident response …

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Smarter if then else rules

Drive intelligent remediation action based on the actual behaviors of systems. Schedule VM shut-downs in idle hours, cycle processes when they are non-critical, restart backup jobs if there enough of a window left …

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AIOps and IaaC

In an Infrastructure as Code world, all changes to policy, configuration or topology of a system - read that as almost anything you can do with a system - are driven through code-thinking and a release pipeline. Traceability of change is an important input for AIOps. Likewise remedial actions in the absence of direct console access requires different models …

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How Intelligeni works - a white paper

Detect ANY patterns that impact the QoS of business critical systems. Help diagnose and resolve these faster. That is what Intelligeni does. Learn about the Intelligeni pipeline and what happens under the hood…

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Super Charged Observability and AIOps

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