intelligeni advantage

01 Complete Observability

Diagnose issues faster with Machine Learning and AI that detects anomalies and correlates information across every element of your digital infrastructure.


02 QoS Intelligence

Get deep insights into the behavioral patterns of your business services.


03 Collaborative Resolution

Bring ops engineers and Intelligeni's Knowledge Graph together to investigate, diagnose and resolve incidents.

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CircleTruly Intelligent Automation

Intelligeni learns everything about your digital infrastructure - every element from app to container to network device to firewall rule, their metadata, relations and behavioral semantics. Use this information from Intelligeni Knowledge Graph to get pinpoint accurate root cause analytics and craft automated remediation.

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CircleIncidents are Expensive

In the Digital world, degraded performance, erroneous behavior are as important and impactful as outages. They cause you to lose customers, employees and business. Intelligeni drastically reduces the time to detect and resolve incidents while also eliminating quite a few with predictive models. Net result - you deliver far more reliable service which is a Business Differentiator.

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Proactively Resolve Incidents?

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