For SaaS providers

As a SaaS provider, reliability of the experience you provide to your consumers is a business differentiator. You need your applications to be consistently performant, available and to operate error-free. Instead of focusing on establishing various monitoring tools, tuning them, manually consolidating data cross them to diagnose issues, you would rather spend time on your product features and improving user experience.


Intelligeni can free you up to focus on what matters. With its inbuilt models of QoS intelligence coupled with automated resolution Intelligeni can help you reduce instances of degraded service and the time it takes to restore service quality. A single tool with complete observability across your cloud stack - Azure, AWS or GCP.

Intelligeni AIOps Platform is a Microsoft Co-sell ready solution available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and can be readily used in potential pursuits. Hosted on Azure, it provides a SaaS based core, an operator console, and provides secure on-prem/in customer cloud Edges to gather data and execute secure actions by using Azure Event Hubs, Azure Kubernetes along with Blob storage.

See how AIOps can help you get to bullet-proof reliability.

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