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Your teams run the Digital Infrastructure that powers your business - everything from Apps to compute to cloud services to networks. The business demands on your infrastructure and the services you provide is greater than ever. The pandemic necessitated models of work-from-anywhere bring in added demands of reliability and service quality. You run hybrid application stacks with a mixture of cloud-native and legacy application footprints, perhaps across a multi-cloud environment with on-prem elements with a increasingly rapid rate of change enabled by CI/CD and DevOps practices.

While availability is largely in control, you however struggle with issues of performance, under or over-sized capacity, cost control, and post-change reliability. Moreover when an incident occurs, your best teams have to get together to diagnose and resolve it, perhaps spending on an average 23 minutes to identify where the issue is and upwards of 60 minutes to get to a resolution.


Intelligeni helps you tame this complexity. With Full Stack Observability combined with AIOps, Intelligeni is looking for any patterns that disrupt the QoS of your environment. It augments diagnosis and makes root cause identification a breeze. We often see a 10x reduction in MTTR and resolution effort.

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