The Platform for Automated Ops

Intelligeni is an integrated platform that brings together deep Observability, an as-code approach to driving any actions or change, complete service management and deep analytics. Intelligeni is core to Microland's managed services model and is implemented across enterprises worldwide.

The Intelligeni platform stack consists of seven components


A Full Stack Observability and AiOps product. Intelligeni Observe aggregates metrics, logs, configuration changes and events across all elements of Digital Infrastructure. It uses Machine Learning models to detects anomalies, learns Behavioral patterns and does augmented Root Cause Analytics.

Ops Engineers use Observe's ChatOps to diagnose and resolve issues. They have access to every element of telemetry irrespective of source or format and can rapidly identify root cause issues. They can trigger diagnostic actions or remedial Bots to resolve issues.
Observe is pre-integrated with numerous monitoring tools as well as with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow.


Over 210 Bots that diagnose and resolve issues, manage configurations and provisioning as code across the full-stack of Digital Infrastructure. Bots form the first line of response in the Automated Ops model and are fully integrated with Intelligeni Observe and Intelligeni Center.

Bots perform tasks such as automated patching, code-based configuration changes, diagnostic tests, process restarts, ticket assignment and auto-closure. They also trigger deployment pipelines in environments that run Infrastructure as Code.
The library also includes around 50 Bots that execute on end-user devices addressing performance and other issues.


A fully managed Enterprise Service Management environment pre-loaded with best-practice libraries and AI powered agents, this is the heart of the Intelligeni platform. Center acts as the human interface that is an essential component of Automated Ops and implements various ITSM workflows. Center is also the system of record in the Intelligeni platform. It has integrations with a variety of other tools and dual-bonding with other ITSM systems.

Intelligeni Center is deployed either using Microland's hosted ServiceNow or SmartCenter platforms.


Insights provides single pane of glass visibility and analytics into the entire IT estate and operational processes with 16 prebuilt dashboards and over 800 KPIs. Insights integrates data across sources including ServiceNow, several monitoring tools, SAP and SCCM and allows for multi-dimensional analysis with deep drill down.

Dashboards in Insights include Enteprise dashboards that provide CXO level visibility, ITSM process dashboards, risk and vulnerability perspectives, technical debt, as well as performance and reliability. With its pre-built integrations, Insights delivers business value in as little as 2 weeks.


Intelligeni Change is how we manage infrastructure, configuration and policy as code across hybrid-cloud, software-defined and traditional network environments. Change applies GitOps principles to IaC, Hybrid-Cloud DevOps and NetDevOps and leverages tools like Ansible, Terraform, Azure Automation and AWS Lamdas. Intelligeni Change is used in a variety of hybrid-cloud and network related operations including provisoning, deploying and updating configurations, applications and security policies.

Intelligeni Change goes beyond the traditional definitions of IaC by applying transaction processing principles to any change. Therefore a change either moves a system from one stable state to the other or rolls it back to the earlier stable state. Change as a Transaction is at the core of Intelligeni Change and significantly reduces change related unstability and incidents.


Intelligeni Govern performs compliance management and cost management with a set of tested optimization rules. In hybrid cloud environments it ensures continuous cost-management and multi-standard compliance and in network environments it audits deployed network configurations and compares these with gold-standard configurations. Intelligeni Govern audits configurations against a variety of established standards as well as policies specific to an enterprise.

Cost management, is enabled by analyzing usage patterns and identifying opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Intelligeni Change uses our Cloud Cost Management Framework aligned FinOps best practices that address all four dimensions of Architecture, Utilization, Process and Usage optimization.


Intelligeni Transform accelerates and streamlines the process of technology migration or transformation across hybrid-cloud, network and end-user computing. Transform ensures project success by identifying and creating groups or rings of objects that can be migrated in tandem; managing the entire process of collaboration and communication and automating technical tasks related to migration including zero-touch provisioning. Intelligeni Transform brings predictability and speed to large scale migrations and complex trasnformations.

In Digital Networks, Transform simplifies the process of migrating from traditional to Software Defined networks. It augments planning, co-ordinates with multi-party vendors, tracks shipments, automates the process of creating and loading golden configurations and automates deployment, commissioning and testing. Applied to end-user computing, Transform manages very large scale migrations including Windows version upgrades, migrating to O365 and AD consolidation. The key difference Transform makes comes from the intelligent creation of rings of objects that can be migrated together. Intelligeni Transform for cloud migrations includes tools to assess cloud migration readiness, to automate the creation of Landing Zones and to move workloads to the cloud. Lastly, Inteligeni Transform provides detailed up-to-date visibility of every aspect of a migration project.

Intelligeni is a SaaS based platform with US, UK and APAC presences.

How Intelligeni Works

The components of the Intelligeni Stack work together to deliver Microland's Automated Ops model. Observe, Center and Bots implement the working model and Insights provides visibility to stakeholders.


01Deep & Wide Monitoring

Get metrics, logs events from monitoring tools and cost and compliance alerts from Govern

02Full Stack Observability

Observe integrates data across the monitoring stack to identify significant issues -> these become incidents in Center

03Center to Bots

Center identifies and triggers appropriate Bots - the first line of resolution and diagnosis

04Bots drive Action

Bots and Change drive actions as code and attempt resolution or assign to an Ops Engineer.

05Augmented Resolution

Ops engineers use issues aided by AI augmented diagnosis and RCA in Observe to diagnose issues and Bots/Change to fix things.

This automated model helps us reduce MTTR by an order of magnitude, reduces alert noise and human error leading to lesser impact on business.

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