For Cloud


The Intelligeni® CloudOps platform enables the modernization and optimization of hybrid cloud operations, bringing several magnitudes of improvements in efficiency, availability, reliability, and agility. It is aligned with GitOps principles. It enables observability, financial optimization (FinOps), self-service, and auto-remediation to deliver consistent and standardized multi-hybrid cloud management. The IaC model embedded in Intelligeni® CloudOps provides policy as code, drift checks, and remediation. This makes sure infrastructure is always in the desired state while reducing manual errors and improving compliance. Intelligeni® CloudOps is also used in various tasks, such as provisioning and configuring resources, deploying and updating applications, and enforcing cost management/reduction, compliance, and security policies

For Networks


Intelligeni® NetOps is tuned to enable highly automated transformation and management of large-scale digital networks, ensuring they are resilient, reliable, and performant. Intelligeni® NetOps accelerates network technology transformation and optimizes operations. Result: Better user experience.
Using Intelligeni® NetOps, you intelligently cover the complete lifecycle management of your digital network and include the capability to transform, operate, and visualize

Leveraging multiple modules, Intelligeni® NetOps optimizes network performance and reliability to enhance user experience. NetDevOps capability within Intelligeni® Change allows network configurations and policies to be managed as code. NetDevOps linked with Intelligeni® Center enables self-service requests to be automatically handled, and NetDevOps linked with Intelligeni® Bots and Intelligeni® Observe brings change under control and ensures compliance and traceability.
Intelligeni® NetOps also has powerful network audit and compliance management capability provided by the Intelligeni® Govern component. Govern uses LLMs to audit networks against a variety of industry standards. All modules of Intelligeni® NetOps provide close to real-time visibility across the network life-cycle to stakeholders through persona-based dashboards in Intelligeni® Insights for data-driven decision-making.

For Full Stack


Intelligeni® is at its ideal best when used to manage the full stack of an enterprise's digital infrastructure—everything from applications to compute to data stores to network elements. Ideally, Intelligeni® is used to manage the experience from digital services, making sure they are performant and unfaltering. The Intelligeni® Knowledge Graph holds a detailed topology of the services and everything that plays a part in their operation. The Knowledge Graph learns behavioral patterns of the service and every component that is part of it, overlaying these patterns on the topological structure. Other components of the Intelligeni® stack use this intelligence to drive Automated Ops.

Intelligeni®, when used for the full stack, combines all elements of CloudOps and NetOps and additional elements into an integrated whole. Upstream integrations are through Intelligeni® Observe. Intelligeni® Center embeds an ITSM environment that can either be based on ServiceNow or Microland's SmartCenter. However, Intelligeni® also supports deep integration with customer ITSM environments. Diagnostic, remedial, or operational actions are managed and executed via Intelligeni® Bots and Intelligeni® Change.

For Cloud For Networks For Full Stack
Intelligeni CloudOps Intelligeni NetOps Microland Intelligeni
Icon Hybrid Cloud observability, diagnostics packs, pre-built integrations with Azure Monitor & App Insights, SolarWinds, AWS Cloud Watch, Cloud Native Apis, Prometheus Network observability, diagnostics packs, pre-built integrations with SolarWinds, Kentick, Thousand Eyes, ZScalar Full Stack Observability, diagnosis and orchestration across applications, hybrid-cloud and networks. Prebuilt APM integrations with DynaTrace, Azure App Insights, Elastic APM, Grafana stack
Icon 72+ Hybrid Cloud specific diagnostics and resolution Bots 60+ Multi-technology Network diagnostics and resolution Bots, DNS, firewall configuration management Over 220 multi-technology Bots for resolution and diagnostic actions including for end-user computing and service request actions
Icon ITSM+ Self-service provisioning, dynamic CMDB, deployment catalogs ITSM+ with network provisioning automation Enterprise Service Management with best-practice libraries and AI agents
Icon Deep analytics focusing on tech-debt, hybrid cloud cost, health and compliance, change Network analytics with performance, network health, change, user and network experience Single pane of glass visibility into the entire IT estate and operational processes
Icon Multi-cloud Infrastructure, configuration and policy as code. Catalog based provisioning. Change managed as transactions for containerised environments. NetDevOps across multiple technologies for provisioning and configuration management Infra, config and policy as code across Apps, Hybrid Cloud and Networks
Icon Workloads migration evaluation and multi-cloud migration tools Legacy to SD network transformation, planning and automation Tech transform management for Networks, Hybrid Cloud and End User Computing
Icon CCMF-aligned FinOps best practices used to deliver continuous financial optimization, cost reductions. Multi-standard governance and compliance and assurance. Network audit and compliance checkers Multi-standard Compliance management, governance and Finops control

For Cyber Security

Intelligeni® CyberOps extends the core Intelligeni AIOps capability to enhance operational efficiencies in the Cyber security space. It encompasses and transcends traditional cyber security management tools by offering an integrated, analytics-driven approach with real-time insights and an overarching governance framework to safeguard digital ecosystems. By combining holistic insights of cybersecurity operations with enhanced operational efficiencies Intelligeni® CyberOps results in a fortified security posture and an improved board level CISO metrics

Drawing from the foundation metrics of Security operations, Risk Management, and Cyber Resiliency, Intelligeni® CyberOps meticulously measures and enhances system capabilities across key security functions—Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. It ensures that cyber operations align with security objectives, maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability of information systems and gauge performance amidst potential cyber disruptions, tracking the timeline from disruption detection to response and system recovery, reinforcing the fabric of security operations.
Risk metrics within Intelligeni® CyberOps enable the assessment of potential adversary attack scenarios, calculating the likelihood of threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), and gauging the severity of consequences. This predictive analytics capacity is key to pre-emptively managing risks and mitigating the impacts of cyber threats.

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