Full Stack Observability

Observability helps you deal with the unknown-unknowns. Unlike monitors that are setup to watch for known failure scenarios, Observability kicks in when things go wrong. It is what enables you to diagnose a system or gauge what is happening within a system from what you are observing. Good observability is being able to identify that change in a firewall rule that is causing one of your microservices to fail leading to sporadic errors. And doing so Fast.

Intelligeni gathers telemetry including application traces, metrics, logs and events; configuration and topology information across every element of digital infrastructure. Full stack in the Intelligeni world means exactly that - applications, end-user experience [including RUM and synthetic transactions], app servers, containers and serverless computing, databases, virtual machines, cloud based services, traditional and software defined network and security devices and even backup jobs, ETL pipelines and services such as DNS. Anything that can impact the experience delivered to end-users.


Intelligeni integrates with monitoring tools, with APM environments including the ones from cloud platforms such as Azure App Insights and AWS X-Ray, with discovery tools and ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow. Intelligeni also supports Telemetry.io and the Beats standard used by the ELK stack. Any Beats plugin can be a source of data to Intelligeni. Intelligeni also provides agents for compute environments and integrates with OSQuery. With our powerful integration model, you can easily develop a new plugin or monitor for a custom application or integrate with an existing tool.

Merely aggregating this data does not address the Observability problem. In fact in cloud-native environments that often produce 15 times more telemetry than traditional application systems, this only leads to a cognitive overload. Intelligeni uses a powerful computational model of QoS and a set of Graph Algorithms to identify important signals and correlate this information yet retaining all the data needed to diagnose an issue. Observability for the most part is often as simple as asking Intelligeni "what has changed?".

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