Inside Automated Ops

Automated Ops leverages full-stack observability Detect and diagnose behavior that impacts experience and learns the normal and irregular behaviors within your systems. Intelligeni's® bots act on irregular behavior, using hyper-automation Smart workflows that connect observations to actions to trigger actions and bring your system back to its desired state.
Automated Ops implements actions and changes as code. When an action changes the infrastructure, its configuration, or the policies that govern it, Intelligeni® applies transaction semantics Change as a Transaction brings stability to environments to return the infrastructure to a consistent state.
Finally, Enterprise Service Management Combines ITSM, deep analytics and process automation provides you with the human interface to Automated Ops. This is where users post service requests and see detailed views of system health. This is also where operations engineers step in to resolve scenarios that Automated Ops has not encountered earlier.

Why Automated Ops?

  • Reduce business impact with up to 10x reduction in time to diagnose and resolve issues
  • Improve systems resilience with up to 30% reduction in incidents
  • Ensure 100% Standards compliance across the stack
  • Delight Users with order of magnitude faster Service Request fulfillment

AI Powered Observability

Compared to legacy environments, digital infrastructure generates 10X the telemetry. Important signals are often lost in this ocean of data. Intelligeni® uses a variety of Machine Learning (ML) models, Graph-based algorithms, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Generative AI to tame this complexity.


01Anomaly Detection

ML models replace static thresholds and rigid filters to parse metric streams and logs to identify anomalous signals and hidden patterns.

02Alert Coalescing

Algorithms automatically cluster similar alerts across sources and formats to de-duplicate and correlate them, reducing alert fatigue.


LLMs generate alert summaries, human-readable names, tags, and additional contextual information for faster issue diagnosis.

The Hidden Genius: Inside Intelligeni®

Deep & Wide Monitoring

• Builds a complete topology of a service
• Ingests configuration changes, application traces, metrics, events, and logs to compute the impact on service health
• Bonus: Identifies observability gaps

Behavioral Signals (not Noise)

• Uses ML to raise meaningful alerts on infrastructure health
• Consolidates alerts into scenarios for Ops engineers to work on
• Identifies potential root-cause alerts and suggests potential remedial action

Actionable Knowledge

• Quickly maps every element and their relationships using the Knowledge Graph
• Uses information—that is usually siloed across tools and people—to drive troubleshooting and automated action

ChatOps for Everything

• Acts as a single interface for diagnosis/resolution
• Uses commands like WhatHasChanged to examine the health of any element
• Triggers diagnostic or remedial actions
• Records interactions as ticket details


Seven modules comprise Intelligeni®. These modules share and leverage behavioral intelligence in the Knowledge Graph. The modules work together to deliver Microland's Automated Ops model, reducing Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) by several magnitudes and minimizing reducing alert noise and human error, leading to smoother operations.


Intelligeni® also provides you with upstream integrations with multiple sources of data as well as downstream integrations with ITSM and automation tools.


This is an AiOps module that aggregates metrics, logs, configuration changes, and events across your digital infrastructure. It detects anomalies, learns behavioral patterns, and manages root cause analytics. Ops Engineers use this module to diagnose and resolve issues. With access to every telemetry element, engineers can rapidly identify the root cause of problems and trigger remedial bots or actions. Intelligeni® Observe comes pre-integrated with numerous monitoring and ITSM tools.


Over 200 bots diagnose and resolve issues and manage the configuration and provisioning as code across your digital infrastructure. The library also includes around 50 bots that execute on end-user devices, addressing performance and other issues. The bots are the first line of response in the Automated Ops model. They are integrated with Intelligeni® Observe and Intelligeni® Center, performing tasks such as patching, code-based configuration changes, diagnostic tests, process restarts, ticket assignments, and auto-closure. They also trigger deployment pipelines in environments that run infrastructure-as-code.


This module is the heart of the Intelligeni® platform. It is a fully managed ESM, pre-loaded with best-practice libraries and AI-powered agents to implement various ITSM workflows. Intelligenie® Center is also the system of record in the platform. It integrates with other tools and dual-bonding with ITSM systems. You can deploy Intelligeni® Center with Microland's hosted ServiceNow or SmartCenter platforms.


Intelligeni® Insights provides CXO-level single-pane-of-glass visibility into your IT estate and operational processes. It has 16 prebuilt dashboards and over 800 KPIs. The module integrates data sources, including ServiceNow, monitoring tools, SAP, and SCCM, giving you access to multi-dimensional analysis with deep drill-downs and valuable perspectives into risks and vulnerabilities, technical debt, performance, and reliability. The module delivers business value in less than two weeks.


Intelligeni® Change manages infrastructure, configuration, and policy as code across hybrid cloud, software-defined, and traditional network environments. The module applies GitOps principles to IaC, hybrid-cloud DevOps, and NetDevOps and is used in various hybrid-cloud and network-related operations.Intelligeni® Change leverages tools like Ansible, Terraform, Azure Automation and AWS Lambda. Intelligeni® Change applies transaction processing principles to any change, significantly reducing change-related instability and incidents, going beyond the traditional definitions of IaC.


Intelligeni® Govern performs compliance and cost management using a set of tested rules. In hybrid cloud environments, it ensures continuous cost management Intelligeni® Govern uses Microland’s Cloud Cost Management Framework aligned FinOps best practices that address all four dimensions of Architecture, Utilization, Process, and Usage optimization. and multi-standard compliance; in network environments, it audits deployed network configurations Intelligeni® Govern audits configurations against a variety of established standards as well as policies specific to an enterprise. and compares these with gold-standard configurations.


Intelligeni® Transform accelerates and streamlines the process of technology migration or transformation across hybrid cloud, network, and end-user computing, bringing speed and predictability to migrations. The module is designed to ensure project success, manage collaboration and communication, and automate migration-related tasks, including zero-touch provisioning, planning, multi-vendor collaboration, shipment tracking, creation and loading of golden configurations, and automated deployment, commissioning, and testing.

Core Capabilities: Add superpowers to your infrastructure

CircleFull Stack Observability

Most systems watch for known failures. Observability uses intelligence when things go wrong—helping you deal with the unknown-unknown. This is a critical capability as it lets you deal with what you observe—and manage it faster. For Example, Good observability is being able to identify the change in a firewall rule that is causing one of your microservices to fail, leading to sporadic errors.

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CircleAnomaly Detection and Prediction

Static thresholds are misleading. They generate false alerts that are difficult to deal with, especially in environments with thousands of microservices, each with its computing stack. Intelligeni® does away with the need for static thresholds and filters and intelligently analyzes all the data (not just a few logs and metrics) to detect anomalous behavior.

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CircleAlert correlation and noise reduction

Modern applications are noisy. When they fail, different monitors and log producers generate scores of alerts. This massive volume of alerts leads to cognitive overload and alert fatigue for your Ops team. The solution is to use Intelligeni®, which achieves up to 13X noise reduction and improves alert detection by over 30%.

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CircleQoS Impact and Behaviors

Intelligeni® embeds a powerful Computational QoS Model that accurately evaluates the impact of alerts on the health of your systems and learns how your systems behave over time. These insights, along with a Semantic Topology of your systems constitute the Intelligeni Knowledge Graph - almost a digital twin of your environment.

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CircleIntelligent Automation

Intelligeni® provides a powerful IGQL language with Python and JavaScript-based bindings to interact with the Intelligeni® Knowledge Graph. This allows the rich semantic information in the Knowledge Graph to be used to drive rules for precise and automated actions.

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CircleCollaborative Resolution

Intelligeni® brings your best engineers together to diagnose and resolve issues. It augments their capability with complete visibility and accurate root cause analysis. Its Explorer interface, with a ChatOps capability, is a single-pane-of-glass for your team to explore metrics, traces, logs, and events, run diagnostic actions, and trigger responses.

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CircleDistributed Core and Edge model

Intelligeni® uses a SaaS-based core and an on-prem/hosted in the cloud Edge model. The Edge sits behind your firewalls and communicates with all your devices. It gathers data from managed devices and monitoring tools and executes diagnostic and remedial actions. The SaaS-based core hosts data across your Edges and gives Ops engineers integrated visibility across Edges – which is especially useful in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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