QoS Impact and Behaviors

Intelligeni embeds a powerful Computational QoS Model that in many ways is the brain of Intelligeni. At the heart of this model is a Semantic Graph representation of a system's topology. This Semantic Graph is Intelligeni's understanding of an application system's Deployment Architecture.

When Intelligeni receives an alert - itself generated via behavioral models that drive anomaly detection - it computes the impact of that alert on the health of the system that caused the alert to be generated. It determines if there is a significant change in Health or if the system has entered a specific Health State. It then computes the impact of this change on all other systems in the topology. The computational formulae respect both the type of semantic relations and their direction. So Intelligeni for example, understands the difference between nodes in an active-active cluster, in a containerized environment with auto-scaling and in an active-passive cluster and computes the impact of an alert on health differently for each of these.


The Health States systems enter into provide insight into their Behavioral semantics over time. What systems are more error-prone under heavy usage, what are idle periods, are there cyclical consumption patterns, what applications are resource hogs and who are the oversized systems. All of these Behaviors are stored along with the relations and other metadata into the Intelligeni Knowledge Graph.

When any behavioral pattern is observed in incoming data, it is compared with known Behaviors to detect or predict Scenarios of importance. It is also the heart of Intelligeni's Augmented Diagnostics model.

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